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“Life’s Of a Engineer ” – A Great Story from COLLEGE Life . 

The story I am going to tell, is basically not a motivational story but a real life incident that you can tell a undergraduate, to enhance their interest in studies.

      So here I go:

There was a short , dull and lazy boy in our batch, he always comes late to the class and sleeps throughout the lecture. Many a times he was made to stand outside the classroom.
        He asks stupid questions. (as thought by our batchmates )
Nobody likes to talk with him and nobody ever wondered that, why did he came late to the lectures. Our batchmates  call him ASKHOLE ( because he ask stupid questions).
  He was never seen in canteen, most of the time he was seen outside 1st year ,2 nd year and other classrooms.

     Everybody thought that he is a very big idiot, as he never attend his lectures and switches to other classroom. Everyone calls him an ASKHOLE.  
     Then our 1st semester exams took place, everyone was baffled after seeing the results. The short, dull and lazy guy topped in our college. 

       He was late because he wasn’t able to wake up on time. He sleeps throughout the lectures because he studied whole night. Seen mostly outside  other classrooms because he used to wait there, for the lecturers to come out and clear his doubts. 
  He was always dedicated towards his study and never wasted a single second, to worry about the rumours airing about him. 
        Everyone was in shock, that how did he topped in the college. Many people ask him, about this , he said that it was written in his destiny. But we all know, destiny didn’t work , if we didn’t.

 From then onwards, nobody calls him ASKHOLE. Everybody wants him to be their friend. 
        All his queries are dealt with pleasure. He was again named but this time, as “GENIUS”.
      He is very polite, kind and nice person. He talks to everyone very nicely and always ready to help others. And never said a single bad word about the persons who laughed and teased him in the beggining. 

He proved that, “Action speaks louder than words”.

This was a real life incident.
I hope, this will help you to increase your interest in studies.


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