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How you can change font of every samsung mobile (special for samsung user)

Every user want new font style on mobile .so don’t worry about it . here I’m showing the simple way to change font.

In samsung store every  fonts is paid version and here I’m going to show that how you get that paid fonts in free method  simple you can follow the instructions to get paid fonts in free.

Here you can see that every  fonts have cost around 60_70 rupees

I’m already install fonts in my mobile so it shows  installed . don’t worry about it I’ll tell you everything . 

But one thing is there you need to install blackmart app from Google . 

By this app you install fonts . 

Here link for download app:-
☞ 1st go to settings and click on display button . 

☞Then click on fonts buttons 

Here you see this options 

Click on download fonts buttons 

Then open blackmart app

Click on search space and write any name of fonts . 

Ex-Mustang pro flipfont

Here you get this paid fonts in free method . 

Here on this blackmart app you can download all paid app in free.

Ex-need for speed MW etc…..

If you have any doubt please mail me 


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