Various stories

#A Great Teach”Buffalo’s Patience”.

There lived a buffalo with a mischievous monkey in the forest. Every day, the monkey used to trouble the buffalo either by pulling his tail, throwing nuts on his head or jumping on his back from the tree. The buffalo was fed up of monkey’s prank, but he still dealt With patience. The other animals of the forest saw this and thought why the buffalo tolerated all the mischief. The elephant went to the buffalo and asked, “Why don’t you teach a lesson to the monkey for his mischiefs?” the buffalo smiled at the elephant and replied, “I am thankful to the monkey for teaching me how to be patient. The monkey who was sitting on the tree top, heard this and felt ashamed. The monkey immediately came down to the buffalo and said, “Sorry, my dear friend for all the trouble that I gave you.” The buffalo smiled at the monkey and they became good friends.

MORAL :We should have patience.


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