I Miss My First Love

How often do you hear of love at first sight? Doesn’t it happen?

Her smile, if only I could have it . She was … No She is my first love because I haven’t been able to get her out my head and makes me sad to think that he doesn’t feel the same or idk.It all started in 6 class she was new to school apparently, everyone knew her expect me.

When I first meet her, it wasn’t like the best first impression (showing if you screw the first time don’t worry it not big deal), I watched the new faces saw a  girl coming into class.

I don’t know what happened to me but I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. Well maybe only to me but that’s is how I felt. I can to this day picture in my mind the exact clothes she wore. Well I knew that moment that this is the girl I’m going to marry some day. Now remember that I just saw her for the first time. I didn’t know her name, which section she was in school, or if she already had a boyfriend. and I’m at a new school where I don’t know anyone! after that i ask her name to her cousin then i’m like her for 2 year’s ,i’m not purpose her i’m dying to purpose her but  i have fear on my mind.By the way i’m purpose her on class 8.at that time i’m fall in love deeply,so,i got very bad mark in class 8 exam, then i’m starting study again to defeat her on exams.class 9 passed and at the end of class 10 i’m again purpose her but at  that time she say nothing to me ,she stay silent. We were together for five long years – right from 2006 class 6 to till class10 2011. One thing led to another and we broke up shortly afterwards. Suffice it to say that we felt our life goals were not aligned.

Four more years have passed since then(2016). I’ve settled down in a good job.





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