I Miss My Childhood Soooo Much!!! :( : I

I Miss My Childhood Soooo Much!!! 😦
I am a 20 year old Boy and I miss my childhood ridiculously! I just look at photos and I just bawl my eyes out almost everytime. I am so depressed. I find being an adult in todays society is so difficult and I have problems in my life at the moment that I do not know how to handle. Sometimes I feel I can’t take anymore and wanna give up. It’s mostly the simple things I miss about my childhood like always being happy and spending quality time with my family especially my grandparents who have passed, and also the environment I was in and just never having to worry about anything. I pretty much miss it all.
and above everything, I wasn’t aware of the struggle I would have to face as a adult. I thought it was interesting things because I saw them making decisions, spending money on anything. but now I see that the childhood was better. It’s better when we don’t have any responsibilities. I didn’t have to worry about anything. I used to dream of exploring new lands  and having all the pleasures in the world. Now I realize that’s it’s extremely difficult.childhood_memories
I miss those days. they will never come back. I will never have the advantages a child has. I can no longer play on the swing, run like crazy. I can no longer sit at home for months. I loved my childhood and miss it.


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